A question we are regularly asked when setting up new machines for clients is what version of Windows should be installed. Many businesses actually run on Windows 10 Home edition; however, we would always recommend using Windows 10 Professional edition.

Although the professional edition may cost slightly more, there are several benefits that mean it really is a must for your business. These features mean that your machine is more geared towards business use as well as being more secure than a home edition.

Windows 10 Professional includes a piece of software called BitLocker. This software is not available on the home edition and helps you meet GDPR regulations. BitLocker is a piece of software that encrypts data stored on your hard drive.

It means that if your device gets lost or stolen, the data remains safe and you remain compliant in order that it does not fall into the wrong hands risking you a significant fine.

The second major benefit to using Windows 10 Professional is how you are able to add it to a corporate domain. The benefit of this include being able to roll out centralised user and computer policies to ensure your users keep within the company IT rules, centralised user logon, managing all users with what they can and can’t do, network drives and much more all from your server.

We hope that this gives you a valuable insight into why we will only set up new machines with Windows 10 Professional edition. It may cost a little bit more but is certainly worth every penny.

As a reliable and quality provider of IT Services, we ensure that our clients have the right solutions that keep their business protected and our team are always happy to answer any questions you may have!