An ever-changing technology landscape means that its applications are far-reaching, and the benefits of a reliable system is crucial across all sectors, including care-based settings. From surveillance to cloud-based paperwork, it’s never been more important for the care sector to embrace technology and implement a robust and reliable system.

Electronic care management systems are becoming the norm in such settings, with old paper-based systems being phased out and transferred over. Some may feel nervous about such a transition; after all, what happens if the wifi disconnects or files are accidentally deleted? The answer to this is to invest in a system with file back-up, and to ensure your internet is up to the task. 

Technology gives people more control over their care, helping them communicate with professionals, enhancing the care available to them, and linking them to appropriate services. With the pandemic throwing care services into disarray, it is essential that people in care do not suffer — one way to ensure this is to implement a system that allows them to electronically access services that may previously have been face-to-face. Additional applications may include medicine management, form-filling, and digital care plans, freeing staff to respond quickly to needs and requirements. 

To tie all this together and make it work and run smoothly, you will need to use the technology well; taking advantage of the systems available to you, fully training staff, informing those who will be affected by, for example, surveillance systems — this can be a legal minefield and it is wise to seek professional advice when implementing such a system, and ensuring your internet connection has the power to keep the system connected and running 24/7. 

If you have any questions about the type of technology available for your care provision, contact us at Bell’s IT; our experts will be happy to assist any way we can.