In 2014, BT announced that it would switch off its voice ISDN and PSTN circuits by 2025 and orders for these circuits will no longer be available from 2023. Advances within new IP technology, mean that these services are no longer worthwhile.

What do I do?

You can migrate your lines to SIP or move to a hosted telephony solution such as VoIP (Voice over IP). SIP is an IP Based telephone line. This is the direct replacement for voice services previously using ISDN or PSTN. If you phone system does not have availability for SIP functionality, we can migrate your services to SIP and then back to analogue using a converter. However, our hosted telephony solutions are feature rich and can reduce your overheads and the stress of the BT switch off.


Will I lose my numbers?

No, not at all. We can seamlessly port all of your number to Bells IT without losing a single call.