We know that telephony is a vital part of your day-to-day business operations and it is often not the highest in the order of priorities until it goes wrong!

A faulty telephone line can not only lead to lost sales, but it can also lead to dissatisfied customers should they not be able to get hold of you or at the worst even cause customers to end their service with you.

Particularly at the moment when a lot of us are working remotely, it is important to give some extra thought to the impression you are creating through your telephony system.

Also, as you may have read in our previous blog post, BT is switching off its analogue telephone lines from 2025 and therefore you will need to move to a VoIP system.

What is the right system for me?

There are a lot of telephone systems available such as virtual numbers, simply using your mobile phone or home telephone or system provided by a managed office and it is important to make sure that you select the right option for your business.

We will always advise that you have a system that will grow with your business and this is where we generally recommend a VoIP solution. As well as being relatively inexpensive, a VoIP system will mean that you are not tied down to a particular telephone line and can set up your system to function as your business requires.

What are the benefits of a VoIP system

There are a significant number of benefits to a VoIP system, however the main ones are as follows:

  • Your business is not tied down to a specific line or number (your system is portable as your office grows and / or moves)
  • Calls can seamlessly be transferred even if your team are not in the same physical location
  • Calls can be handled via a headset, desk phone, mobile app or desktop software
  • Calls can be received and made from the same number, regardless of physical location
  • Your system is future proofed in preparation for the BT switchover in 2025

Telephony is an area that we help many of our valued clients with. If you would like to discuss the right solution for your business, we would welcome your call or email and be more than happy to discuss further.