Criminals will always look for a different angle and COVID-19 has presented new challenges for those who work hard to keep the IT systems of businesses and individuals safe and secure during these unprecedented times. Having dedicated systems to trace and intercept malicious transmissions, websites, and contact is key, but there are still extra steps that can be taken to protect against harm.


Most individuals have come across phishing attempts in their email, from suspect bank notifications to phantom package deliveries, the threat has always been there. But, with the upheaval and confusion around COVID-19, criminals quickly switched their focus to try and gain access to systems or personal details. 

These have included selling fake personal protective equipment (PPE), test kits, vaccines, tax rebates, and more. Not to worry, however, as Bells IT Support provides email security which can ensure your confidential messages are sent via an encrypted method. Our filters will also ensure that spam is reduced, and viruses/malware are intercepted before hitting your inbox.


Always a threat, sophisticated criminals have taken to hiding malware, spyware, and trojan horses inside COVID-19 communications, embedding them in links and websites, or building specific malicious domains within which they collect data and spread malware.

It is important to keep your information safe and secure at all times, remain vigilant against anything which seems suspicious, and remind colleagues and employees to stay alert if they receive emails or links which they are unsure about. Having antivirus solutions will help protect your business and information, which is why we recommend ESET for your computer system.

Video chat ‘bombing’

Video chat programmes, such as Zoom and MS Teams, have been important for businesses during COVID-19, ensuring employees have regular contact with colleagues and managers. With the swift increase in users, criminals also looked for ways to exploit these calls for their own purposes.

So, how can you protect your company and employees while using video chat software? Firstly, ensure you update apps and programmes regularly to take advantage of important updates. When creating meetings, take a moment to check that you have a meeting ID and password on your call, which will stop people randomly joining what could be private and sensitive conversations and consider, if you use premium accounts, create meetings which are for invitees only. If that is not possible, you can lock a meeting once everyone has joined, which will stop late arrivals.

Complete solution

Of course, all of these are just small parts of what should be bigger IT security solutions, which is where Bells IT Support comes in. Not only can we provide security firewalls, data encryption, email protection, and antivirus solutions, but we go beyond that, providing CCTV and managed security services, including door access control. Why not contact our team to discuss your needs and requirements, before it is too late?