Your website is your business’s virtual shop-front; you wouldn’t let a bricks-and-mortar shop display sit statically, gathering dust, would you? The same psychology carries over to your virtual spaces; keep them fresh and exciting, and potential visitors will just have to pop in to say hello!

First impressions

First impressions are key and if your portfolio hasn’t been updated since 2010, customers or clients can be forgiven for assuming that your business is also out-of-date. A slow-loading or aesthetically dated website will also ring alarm bells and may even force your clients to use a competitor (with a more pleasing website). 


Evolution is a natural part of any business and if your website doesn’t reflect this, your clients won’t know your full skill-set. For example, your product range may have grown or you may be offering new services — unless you make this apparent via your online presence, you will be missing out on customers looking for the exact products or services you are offering. 

Feed Google

Google is a complex beast, constantly feeding on information. If you don’t keep your website up-to-date, it won’t be generating any information for Google and thus Google won’t return the favour by ranking it highly. The more you give Google, the more it gives you. 

Be cool

Keeping on trend is crucial in a fast-moving age. What looked good a few years ago may now feel dated. Remember royal blue websites with Times New Roman font? Yes, we all do. Don’t become the 2021 equivalent!

New tools

New tools are constantly becoming available and if you don’t keep your site up-to-date, you will be missing out on the latest widgets and technology. New ways for customers to engage with your business are constantly changing, and your business may be missing out by keeping a design that lacks functionality and capabilities.