Apps make our personal lives easier, so carrying that convenience over to our work lives should be an obvious transition. But which apps are useful and which are a waste of time? Read on for a rundown of some of the most valuable types of app for running your small business on the go.

Cloud management

If you run any element of your business in the cloud, you’ll need to make sure you have a way of managing this while on the go. With cloud apps you can do exactly that, syncing and saving data, and accessing other functionality in real-time. These apps take up little space on your device and, assuming you have a decent internet connection, should offer all the interactivity of a desktop program.


A cloud-synced calendar is a necessity for any small business owner who regularly attends meeting and events, or who has time-sensitive tasks. These can often be shared with colleagues and employees who need to know your availability.

Accounting software

If you use online accounting software, an app is a valuable addition, allowing you to track business mileage, add receipts and invoices on the go, and even nudge those clients whose invoices are overdue.

Marketing and social media management software

If you have time to kill on your journey or while waiting for a meeting, why not use it to further grow your enterprise? There is a huge range of apps available, from managing newsletter subscriptions on the go, to scheduling months’ worth of social media posts. It’s what train journeys were made for!

Project management

Keep your team on track with project management software. Many of these have free, basic tiers, and often come with useful functionality such as creating projects and allocating elements to various team members. Alongside this, you can also get apps with time-tracking (great for freelancers), to-do lists and reminders, and deadlines.