When it comes to cybersecurity, a firewall is one of the most important parts of your system. This piece of software or hardware is the first line of defence in any data network, working like a band of security guards to protect you from external threats. Here are five reasons your business needs a firewall.

Protection from malicious traffic

Firewalls work by implementing a set of security rules, which filter traffic. These rules work to block malicious communications from reaching your system and, along with robust anti-virus. can also help to stop malware. View the firewall as a perimeter fence, guarding your digital assets. 

Protection against unauthorised remote access

Imagine tapping away on your computer, only to see your mouse cursor moving across your screen. Unless your system is haunted or your mouse faulty, this is a surefire sign that someone has gained remote control of your system, meaning they have access to everything on your computer and in your cloud. A firewall will protect you from this unsavoury behaviour, but be aware that parts of your system within the perimeter that require remote access (some apps) will also cease to work. 

Block unsuitable or immoral content with a firewall 

A firewall also blocks pornography, gambling sites, and other content that isn’t suitable for business purposes. The type of filter used will depend on the environment in which you are working. A firewall will automatically contain a set of rules, but you can also block distraction sites, such as social media and streaming services. 

Limit bandwidth 

As well as providing protection, a firewall can also set aside bandwidth for particular activities. You can limit the amount of bandwidth available for non-work activities, leaving it free for business traffic. 

Protect your business from malicious code

Your firewall is an active piece of software, and will search for and block spam, worms and viruses, all of which can install unwanted code onto your system. It will also keep a log of any intrusion attempts, giving you insider knowledge as to what is going on beyond that perimeter fence.

As we mentioned earlier, a firewall works to protect the perimeter of your system. This means that you will need to utilise other security measures, such as anti-virus software, to protect your system from the inside. If you have questions, talk to one of our experts today.