Whether to keep your property and employees safe, or to deter vandals or opportunistic thieves, a CCTV system will always be a sound investment for your business premises. It’s a valuable way of ensuring that health and safety policies are implemented and complied with, as well as protecting the best interests of your business by deterring or proving misconduct.

Safety is the cornerstone of any business, with staff and customers a priority; CCTV is a cost-effective security measure, protecting customers, staff and property with 24/7 coverage. Even when you aren’t at the office or on-site, your security system remains hard at work, hopefully meaning you can take a day off or go on holiday without worrying about your business.

Sadly, we live in a time in which companies encourage the public to sue businesses on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. However, with the right security system in place, you can mitigate the losses of false or exaggerated claims by providing evidence of no-fault.

Legislation allows you to use CCTV in the workplace, as long as you make it clear to your employees when they will be on camera and also inform them of the extent and purpose of the monitoring. It’s important that you tell your staff where and when they will be recorded, not only to ensure you are not infringing on strict privacy laws, but also in order to maintain a positive working relationship.

And don’t forget to tell your insurance company when you have had your system installed – you may find they decrease your premiums.

At Bells IT, we offer several CCTV services, including a full service which includes quarterly routine maintenance. From design all the way through to configuration and maintenance we have the whole solution for your organisation.