The home office is now commonplace, due to both COVID19 and the large numbers of small business owners who have set up their offices at home. And, while home-working certainly has its perks, it can be daunting not having your data protected by a robust office security system. Here are a few cybersecurity tips to keep in mind when working from home.

Phishing for information

Some new phishing scams have popped up over the past couple of months; taking advantage of the fact that many of us are home-based, they claim to contain information about company policies. The best tip to avoid being reeled in by such a scam is to closely check sender information before clicking on any link. If you have an employer, it’s worth reporting the phishing attempt to them.

Stay secure

A very easy one to overlook (security software update alerts can seem like niggling irritations at times), but do make sure your security software is up to date, including patching what may seem like minor security flaws. It’s best to allow the software to update automatically.

Passwords? What’s a password?

Passphrases are the new passwords–single words and easily guessed number combinations went out with the iPhone 4. Make them strong, make them unique, and consider using a different one for each website you visit.

Multifactor authentication

This added security layer makes it tricky for hackers to get into your accounts, usually because the site or app will send a code to a phone or device that only you will have access to. Whenever this layered security option is available, we recommend that you activate it.

Trust us

Use only trusted Wi-Fi networks when working out and about. Free Wi-Fi isn’t secure, potentially giving away your sensitive data to cybercriminals. Consider securely tethering a laptop to your mobile when out and about, for added peace of mind. Take note of these tips to keep your home office safe and secure!