Bells IT Support was established in 2016 after acquiring technology companies Spence Brella LTD and Keygate Solutions. Holding contracts with long standing clients, our relationships with these clients has evolved and grown.

We prioritise our client needs over anything else. After understanding what our client wishes to achieve, we provide the how and what if. Our experts design bespoke services to cater for all industries. Our client base ranges from community care through to high network individuals, and from private consultants to NHS Practices and large construction firms, we have knowledge in all sectors. With clients based from Margate, Kent, through to Luton, Bedfordshire, and Wiltshire, we can support companies in any location.

Throughout 2020 so far, we have increased our support staff, increased our admin staff and we have moved to a larger premise. We aim to continue growing throughout 2020 in order to take on new clients and further support staff and creating new jobs in our local area.

Our journey through 2020 continues and we look forward to working with you.